Ginkgo Biloba Project


The Ginkgo Biloba Project was born in parallel with the cast pieces called UG: It is a project for the production of natural oxygen, open to the world, but, since it coincides in time, I also mean it as an ethical balance with the use of necessary energy to produce the UG works.
At the same time, as with works of art, I need collaboration and dissemination. In 2013 I had 300 Ginko Biloba, now I have more or less 230.
My wish is to share and plant this long-lived and strong plant wherever possible. Ginkgoes are prehistoric plants and have a special medical use.
The seeds are collected from the Ginko trees of the Bonotto SPA garden in 2012.
If you are happy to take care of a Ginko Biloba and want to be part of this collective production of oxygen, write me at this email:

Map of the Ginko Biloba: