Paths forced into the palm of your hand

Caves gallery, Melbourne

Paths forced into the palm of your hand is the title of the exhibition especially conceived for the space of Caves Gallery, Melbourne.

The exhibition is the result of a performative interactive process between me and space.
The title “Paths Forced in the Palm of your Hand” is borrowed from Khorakhanè a song by the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio de Andrè and give several clues to understand the exhibition. All the interventions within the space are expressed through lines or projections. The exhibition could literally be entirely contained in one hand, It’s essentially made up of 3 objects: a fishing rod, an umbrella and 3 magnifying glasses. The objects are used as extensions of the human body and are put into relation with the walls, floor and lights of the space.
Magnifying glasses are used to project on the floor, the inside structure of the LED lights. The focal of the lenses are regulate through a water plastic pipe.
A fishing rod is hooked at the inclined bearing column, conceptually it connect with tension the room at the foundations of the building.
The shaft of an umbrella planted on the floor, follow a furrow till a wall where the umbrela became a drawing made with pencil and saliva, it use some existing holes wall as starting points for the composition of lines.

The gestures, through the trace of new lines of tension, enhance the expressive potential of the architecture and the space, they became the actors of the installation and questioning the relation between content and container.