Mineral grass


Mineral Grass belongs to a series of works called Untitled Glasssand - UG, which I began producing and experimenting with in 2014. These works materialize through a process of fusion and interaction with the territory where I live, Nove, a small town in the province of Vicenza. The town is traversed by the Brenta River, which defines its landscape and original features. The sculptures Mineral Grass emerge both from the perceived interaction with the location and the ease with which I can retrieve compositional elements. The underlying concept of this unique production aims to highlight a lack of historical and industrial continuity on one hand, while on the other, it makes me feel the necessity of constantly seeking a connection between the artwork and the birthplace.

All UG works address the issue of the invisible in the process of material transformation, manifesting the crystallization of time, space, and energy by compressing sands, glass, enamels, oxides, and metals in a stratification and vitrification process.

Mineral Grass represents the evolution of a stone: the work transforms the weight and compressed temporality within minerals into a faster and reproductive cycle, guided by humans and inspired by plant life. The process is based on an ecosystem that interprets mineral matter as a self-developing organism. Attention, before being aesthetic or formal, focuses on the production process of materials. The works are structured as a mixture of sands, fluxes, oxides, and metals; the stone, once crushed and processed through precipitates or thermal contrasts, turns into crystalline powder, enamel, or fired, depending on its granularity. In summary, a synergy is created with a circular process that dismantles and reassembles minerals as if they were part of a plant organism. Art allows connecting different levels of thought, unveiling Mineral Grass as a conscious sprouting of minerals, a reflection on the material that accompanies us throughout life and often remains hidden beneath our feet.