Milky Way

Forma Viva Portorož, Piran SL

Materials: Kanfanar
100 x 100 x 200 cm.

Photos: Jadran Rusjan

Milky Way is a sculptural piece conceived during the symposium in Portoroz, Slovenia, in 2021, thanks to the invitation and curation by
Mara Ambrožič Verderber, the director of the Piran Coastal Galleries.

Picture the night I encountered the block of material: the sculpture is the immediate and practical result of that moment, a sort of celestial snapshot. Over the course of 40 days of intensive work, with the invaluable collaboration of assistants, the sculpture emerged as a tangible trace of the major constellations observed that night.

The holes piercing the block are more than just holes; they represent the directions of the stars, forming two sides of the same cosmic gateway. On one side, the concave shape recalls stars or a black hole, while on the other, the convex form evokes the imagery of stellar breasts or mammary shapes.

The sculpture has a dual nature, a celestial inspiration made earthly. Its roots lie in the starry night, but its creation, occurring on Earth, makes it a unique asteroid. In this way, Milky Way becomes an artwork that challenges the barriers between sky and earth, a bridge between the divine and the human, a "celestial monolith" embodying our connection to the universe.