Sanitary Well

Le Nove Hotel, Nove, VI

The boundary of the eye and the visible remain the starting point for constructing a work that has no appearance other than itself. The Sanitary Well that Scodro creates is nothing other than its title: it is a well composed of parts of sanitary ware. Yet, if we were to delve into the field of perception, then the ultimate and truest meaning of Scodro’s work would become even clearer. Scodro, in collaboration with AeT Italia, used a series of sanitary ware parts and, in particular, all those internal parts that are usually not visible. The darkness of the well caresses the interior walls, the light from outside illuminates what is usually in shadow. We see what it is. A well made of sanitary parts.
Yet what we see is not immediately traceable to the sanitary ware because we are looking at parts we do not know.
Scodro manipulates the source object until it is no longer recognisable.
What remains of the parts is no longer form, nor even function. Everything is turned upside down in the making, in the ‘telling’. The end result is a well that takes the shape of a well.
A well built with waste, as is often the case in Scodro’s work - for years he has been careful in giving new life to recycled materials through complex technical processes. A doing that comes to life in an industrial shed in Nove, where ceramic materials become the starting point for alchemic experiments, for upheavals in which the change of form and state generate the final movements of the work.
What Alberto Scodro has managed to highlight with this work is the possible relationship with a productive territory that becomes not only a technical support, but the very substance of the work. The sanitary fittings of AeT Italia are therefore not one of the possible elements of the work, but substance itself. With his well, Scodro reinterprets the productive reality of the company and sees new possibilities for a community to which he returns a work that can be placed outside.
Irene Biolchini

Photos: Giulia Madiai