2013 ongoing

The sculptural practice of the italian Alberto Scodro tackles and exploits in his spatial installations the points of tension, the memory or functionality of a given environment, architecture or landscape. At times, he likes to subvert the very essence of a given material (e.g. in his floating stones), or to resort to small interventions that totally alter the functionality of a given object (nap door handle).

In the present case, his Ciupinara functions as a more autonomous sculptural piece, although it offers a good reflexive counterpoint to the very architecture of Maison Grégoire, entirely conceived for the circulation of air and light.
As such, Ciupinara is a cast of an invisible and hidden architecture, at least to most of us, made by a hidden and blind architect : the galleries excavated underground by a mole. In this case, the invitation addressed to the viewer of the piece could also be directly addressed to its alleged creator.

E. Lambion, Maisone Gregoire 2015