Monastero Bormida AT

The “Verso” installation suggests a link between internal and external space. Inside a medieval tower, two rooms are crossed by three lines that invite the eye to look outside towards the river and the nearby mill.
“Verso” celebrates the elements of the area: water, earth, wine, corn. These elements, their scents, redefine new boundaries, attempt a de-territorialization of everyday space, enter it in order to re-define it.
In the room beneath, a line of earth cross the space without relation with outside but in realtion with the roots coming out from the up floor. Above, a line of corn, pierces the floor and leads to a window, outside there is the mill.
A plastic tube knotted in the middle - one half filled with wine and the other with water crosses both rooms and lead to another window, outside there is the river.

Soil ground, grain, water, wine, cane water, nylon thread, window.