Last minute project - Private space, Padova

Lethe is a material and temporal suspension. The work was born because I had been asked to think of a project to be integrated into a medical office without water and electricity. So I decided to insert this ceramic cone into space (which became half of an hourglass) and was suspended in the air at the same height of the cone itself. It was a way to reaffirm the link between the earth and her being perpetually suspended in space, and to highlight the relative aspect of time. The difference in the use of space given by a determined shape, such as the suspended semi-refractory cone, compared to the cone that was formed by the quartz sand leak, free from decisions or artifices, determined by gravity and the time of the world. Lethe alludes to the concept of flowing and hiding, like an underground river.
The sand, falling, presses a hook which is tie to the belt of the shutters by a nylon thread that allows these shutters to remain raised. So, as the sand falls, it increasingly hides the fundamental point that giving light to the space, allows the work to be shown.

Quartz sand, clay, wire, rope, roller shutters, hooks.