Spazio Monotono, Vicenza

The idea for the exhibition is a space that becomes a single machine to address the ideas of elevation and storage, deconstruction and production, of accumulation and expulsion. "ALberto Scodro"

Through pipes that run in the building, water is collected into barrels on the ground floor. Poured into a pot in the basement, the water is boiled beneath a thick sheet of paper, suspended by rope. The paper had previously been inked on its back side with drawings from various architectural structures. Once permeated by steam, the ink becomes visible on the upper surface, creating a blurred version of the drawing beneath. The smearing of the architectural drawings, together with the physical tension generated by the ropes that tie the building to surrounding buildings on every floor and which are anchored by the fence, visualizes space as organic, non-hierarchical and uncontainable.
Once steamed, the frames are transferred to the attic and positioned vertically, thereby underlining the three-dimensional property assumed by the ink’s transfer from one side of the paper to the other. The installation not only becomes a portrait of the space in which it itself functions, but an allegorical impulse to clash different temporalities.
"Erica Cooke"

Ropes, anchors, hoists, gutters, clamps, hinge, wood, elaborated paper, ink, water, electric cookers, pressure-cookers, lemon plants, boilers, metal drums.

Drawing size: 90 x 90 x 5 cm.