Viafarini, Milano

The Spannung installation was a site-specific work utilising local elements found in the vicinity of the Viafarini building in Milan. These included a tree stump, grown between the sidewalk and the wall of the building; the tram line which runs alongside the building, which used to be a tram factory in another time, and the evening sunlight which projects a yellow frame on the facade of the building - a projection of the city itself.

These three elements act as the materials for the installation, in which the tree root is mounted from the ceiling structure and powered by an electronic motor screwing end lessly in the air. A motion sensor detects the passage of a tram running past the exhibition space, which opens the window.

From the outside, the space appears “under construction” with yellow construction panels closing out the windows and doors. Inside the space, artificial light imitates the sunset at all hours of the day.
Simone Frangi

Root, iron, motors, resin, rope, tram, yallow wood boards, wood, iron wire, nails, wood beams, Piston, sensor, plastic pipes, compressor, open window, trams.