Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Bruxelles
A project in collaboration with Fondazione Bonotto and MUCHA Museum, Antwerp.

Exhibition realized together with some works by the artist and visual poet Paul de Vree (1909 - 1982).

The exhibition develops a specific connection both with the external space and with the interpretation and transposition starting from some works by Paul De Vree. The most evident is "Cime et terre", the title of the exhibition but also of a screenprint on canvas by Paul de Vree which represents a cross between the two T's of "CimeetTterre" the word in French in fact means cemetery. In space I interpreted this work by De Vree through a 45m x 2m tapestry. made with different yarns using the Jacquard technique and which covers all the windows of the space leaving open only the one from where you can see, on the outside, the emergency staircase of the adjacent building, this is the subject woven together with vine leaves in the curtain . The transition from vertical to horizontal vision.

Spiga d’Orata (2009/2016) It is a play on words that connects a fishbone (sea bream) with an ear of corn. The connection between two opposite forms, one emerges from the ground as a "grain", the other is inside a body immersed under water "fishbone" which has become the root. The work in cast bronze is covered with gold. Spiga d’orata, translated literally is "ear of corn of sea bream".