Waking Arch

Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

Waking Arch 2015
The work Waking Arch interprets the meaning of overture in physical terms in the structural construction of an arch, and psychological in taking coffee as an usual for the awakening of the senses. The keystone is a functional element in the structure of an arc and is positioned at its head to allow the weight on the side pillars, often it has a wedge shape just like the reversed base of the moka. As for the structural development of an arc, the coffee moka is the keystone placed in the exact spot where this pressure is applied, the same force that is realized to get the liquid coffee in the moka. In the intent to connect seemingly distant objects and functions, the structure of the work, played on the three arches, repeats the construction of the Roman aqueducts: water is an element visually absent, although essential for the two units of the composition.