Car DRDE Gallery, Bologna

Eocene is a project focused on a series of sculptures, mostly unpublished, connected by the fusion of materials of mineral origin. The artist observes with a phenomenological gaze the continuous tension and processes inherent in space and matter to explicit them in artworks that experimenting the interactions between natural and artificial elements undergoing physical, alchemical or conceptual changes of state.
Eocene, the geological era in which main mountain ranges arose and the first modern mammals appeared, is the mythical time of a sculpture that exists prior to man and grows from the mysterious vitality of the subsoil. Paraphrasing the Greek etymology of the word which gives name to the exhibition, Scodro conceives a setting incubator that combines primordial suggestions and contemporary residues as in a new dawn of creation. This primordial and apocalyptic landscape brings together the oxidized and crystallized evidences of the seasons, a circular motion source, dens made in the dark by a blind mole-architect and a precious hybrid fossil created by the union of an ear of corn and a fish bone.