Plot Project

Piazza Seminario, Cuneo, IT
Marché de la Libération, Nice, FR

The Plot Project is an exchange of places, territories and soil. Conceived during a residential stay at the Market Zone of Nice and Cuneo. The first picture depicts a grid-like sculptural structure placed in a flower bed in the city center that covers a hole in the ground about 150 cm deep. The structure contains a drawer in which a quantity of soil - extracted in Italy - acts as a filter. Through an entropic process of time and weathering, the filtered earth will fill the entire hole. After removing the structure, its contents will remain permanently in the ground. The second picture depicts the second operation, in which soil taken from Nice has been formed into nine cylinders and inserted into the rose window in the municipal market of Cuneo. The Plot Project crosses from an act of extraction and filling to an intervention of forced insertion.

Soil of Cuneo and Nice, iron, ropes, wood, epoxy resin, eps, etilenic glue.